Fine Craft and Arts Gallery


We "share" this space with artists, helping brand their works in the market place, offering a *fair split on sales of 50/50 or you may choose a 65/35 split + a small fee of $45/month. We provide a beautiful space and knowleable friendly staff. *Commission based Vendors can afford representation all year!  No rent = longterm public branding. This option is more affordable, rather than renting shelf space through the slow sales months, waiting for the rush of Christmas.


We hold themed, juried monthly art shows, with live music, in our large art gallery/ event space which are are free to the public, and free to artists to submit work to, for the love of art!


All of these approaches rely on our superior customer service, and the co-promotion of our artists, in helping boost sales, so we have a great team spirit!

Our Business will be closing down Jan 25, 2018, after 5 fantastic years in East York, Toronto! 

Our final month:  Jan 3-25th (11am-6pm T-F)   (11-5 Sat&Sun)   closed Mondays

Although it is tempting to be dramatic by listing reasons why are closing down, (the slow death of small retail due to online shopping, recent aggressive local competition, 50% higher commercial property taxes, a new rental term with a $2500 increase a month) but our consignment arts & gift gallery experienced similar challenges most other small businesses face...and then an Australian lifestyle got thrown into the picture.

4 years ago, I decided to embark on a journey to say goodbye to my biological mother, who is dying of Alzheimers disease.

On that trip, I connected with biological & adopted uncles, aunts, cousins and their children who quickly made it clear that I had a place in their families. Upon my return, I pondered the choices, and then a year later applied for citizenship which I was granted in spring 2017, much to my amazement. Along with the citizenship, I was also offered a place to live when I arrive, in a beach house just north of sunny Sydney.

It's a decision I did not take lightly, and still question, as I don't relish closing the business I built, nor leaving the many communities and families in Toronto I have been welcomed into, through both my daycare and gallery businesses alike.

I found a home here in Toronto, and made many, many friends who Mauly and I will miss.  These past 17 years gave me a warm sense of community, belonging and family that I needed, even though I didn't know that until I started to think about moving to my actual family in Australia.

We never found any serious/qualified buyers to take on this unique and profitable business, perhaps because it was so unique: representation of high quality, professional artists who also believe in this model of sharing space, without the artists risking any capital except their wares. 

Those handcrafted wares are very appreciated by our constant, loyal neighbourhood, customers and friends, and I thank you all for coming forward to share your warmth and thoughts, over the last year.

I wish we could have found someone earnest to turn the keys of this business in this or moved it to another location. 

In the home stretch, we even found that fantasy pottery group I was searching for to rent the gallery space, to complete the business model of busy hub,  but no-one to take on the retail management portion.

Ah well, nothing lasts forever, and who's to say something better won't arrive soon after?! It was a great education, and an artsy, social experiment, eh? We wouldn't have changed a thing, and this spring we will take with us to Australia a wonderful and rich resume bursting with new skills and knowledge I just didn't have 5 years ago!


Upcoming SALE: Jan 3 - 25th. 

20-50% off selected artists goods of those artists wishing to take part.

(Artists who don't wish to have their works on sale may pick up after being inventoried, Jan 9th 25th)

Tara Shelton's jewellery (me) will start at 25% off until January 20th, and then be reduced futher to 40% off!

Our display furniture, props, fixtures etc., will be on sale from Jan 5th-25th, to be picked up Jan 26-30th.


Follow Mauly and my adventure Down Under! I will be attempting to "go online" with one of the following web domains:

or even this one still: ...&

 those will most likely be directed to my next online destination....


Yours with love,

Tara & Mauly







We have several self contained, private, bright spaces that are bright, even come with a sink.

Heat, hydro, wi-fi included.

Many types of entrepreneurial & creative uses are possible.


Are you a milliner, a sewer, a painter, tailor, a Vintage Vendor?

Think about joining our small business hub!


As a Mini Gallery, these rooms are an affordable way to work on the main street, attracting many curious customers! 


Present Tenants:

Phil Pothen: Planning Lawyer

Fa-Real Custom Clothing Printing

Beazley Antiques & Vintage


Jewellery Repair &

Custom Design using recycled metals


Including recycling/ redesign/

reconfiguration of your outdated pieces into something fresh. 


plus, all watch repairs!


As a full service jewellery store, we repair, restring, redesign, recycle, appraise and can consult regarding any care required for your jewellery needs..


Engagement, wedding, and family rings, can be custom made for you.


We use the finest watch repair specialists for your Rolex, Piaget, Omega, Cartier, and even Timex..






The Final Hours...

Jan 3-25th



11am - 6:00pm

Sats & Suns:  11-5


Thank you for supporting us!


2071 Danforth Ave.,

Toronto, ONT M4C 1J8


T: 416-425-4665

(no voicemails)


E: artisansatwork