Tara Shelton is a jeweller and painter and ceramic artist. Over the last 15 years in this neighbourhood, she had longed to find a space to showcase her jewellery and jewellery repair services, but also to work with other like-minded artists, sharing costs, gaining new clients and getting their unique products to market in a unique store.

In 1999, she incorporated the business name for the idea...a place for artists and entrepreneurs to work and sell, teach, network and have great events. For years, Tara searched for the right home in the Danforth East neighbourhood for this hub, and hopes many creations and clients will find their place here too.

Tara Shelton is a multi-medium artist, and the proprietor of Artisans At Work, a community arts hub, selling over 120 artist’s works, in its 4th year of business. 


Growing up with a visual artist mother and a curious and imaginative engineer dad, Tara had the good fortune of having an artistically encouraging and open minded childhood. 

Tara has sketched and sculpted since childhood, painted in acrylic since a teen, and then finally moving to oil in 2003, adding encaustics (painting in wax) and also ceramic sculpture in 2012.


In 1995 Tara acquired a diploma in gemmology, the study of gems from George Brown; in 1997 Tara completed a diploma in jewellery design, fabrication and repairs.


In the last 15 years, Tara has focussed on micro sculpting for her ongoing realistic Animals & Insects Jewellery Collection.

Each piece is carved by hand, and can be personalised in any way. Custom orders are enthusiastically welcomed. Recently, Tara has begun a Chinese Zodiac Animal charm line, inspired by a long-time local customer.

The passionate and inspirational loyalty to her brand of animal kingdom totems and charms come from the desire to honour the natural world, and to give people “creature comfort” by wearing their favourite companions.


Tara's favourite is the bee, which is a symbol for team work/family, dedication/loyalty, hard work/industrialism and power as a result.


Tara has shown her painting & jewellery works at wholesale & retail shows and exhibitions such as the Inside Art Expo, Mode Accessories, Toronto Gift Show, One of A Kind Show, Cabbagetown, Burlington, Niagara, Riverdale, Danforth East Art Fair and other fine craft shows and a few small galleries such as: Engine; Propeller, and her own flagship store Artisans At Work.





Tara Shelton is a custom jewellery designer and micro sculptor. Carving Mother Nature is her way of honoring what surrounds us all.

Creating and sharing her "creature comforts" brings her joy and immeasurable creative satisfaction.

Commission and treasure a favourite animal totem by Tara Shelton.




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Mermaid's back
Mermaid's front
Portrait of a Lady
Nest Pendants
Caterpillar on Leaf Objet
Fairy Wings
Bee Pendant, abstract wings version
Original Bee
White & Yellow Gold Bee
Lamphrosia Beetle
Dragonfly Pendant
Fruit Fly
Citrine Polyp Ring
Pearl Polyp Ring
Assorted Polyp rings, bands
Chalcedony Polyp Ring
Tanzanite Polyp Ring
Mother of Pearl Polyp Pendant
Jellyfish Story 1
Mermaid's Back
Sea Horses
Sea Turtle Pendant
Shark Tooth (Mini Megalodon)
Squid Pendant
Under The Sea
Chinese Zodiac Charm Series Hand carved by Tara Shelton. Available in Sterling Silver, or any kind of gold.
Chinese Zodiac Charm Series Hand carved by Tara Shelton Available in Sterling or any kind of gold
Chinese Zodiac Charm Series Hand carved by Tara Shelton Available in Sterling or any kind of gold

Under Water



Jellyfish Polyp


Chinese Zodiac Charms