Some past examples of events(2014):



Art Exhibition Theme: Square Foot Show

Opening Reception: First Friday June 6th 7-11pm

Open call to artists to submit their finest and most interesting 12 inch x 12 inch art works, no matter the medium. 

We have a great show for you!



Art Exhibition Theme: Barenaked (raw materials, PRIDE, LGBT, revealing, nude, exposed etc.)

Opening Reception: First Friday July 4th! Independence Day, how fitting! 7-11pm

Open call to artists of all mediums, please show it to us, ladies & gents! Whip out your selfies, your portraits of other's bods, or what else could it mean?

Bare wood, raw materials, raw footage, keep those meanings flowing please!



Art Exhibition Theme: We Are Toronto- A Portrait & Figurative Show 

-Open Call to artists of all mediums. An acknowledgement of WHO makes the city vibrant, exciting and a mosaic of culture, focusing on diversity.



Art Exhibition Theme: DIPF Festival (Danforth Independent Photographic & Film Festival)

Photography Short Films, Feature length films, international and locally made.

One month long festival celebrating the film work of independent makers of films and photographers.


Sept 27th & 28th:  Culture Days is a National Event near the end of September.

We are taking part with this spiffy activity:


Audience-Directed Portrait Sketching or Painting!



Art Exhibition Theme: Politics: Past, Present & Future. Art as Protest

Remember Guernica? How do artists speak out about the way we allow ourselves to be, (and/or) object how we are GOVERNED. 


Additional Art Exhibition Theme & Workshops : Dia de Muertos: A Community Altar/Ofrendas


Opening Reception + Community altar viewing: Saturday Nov 1 & Sunday Nov 2 

Pot luck appetisers.


Workshops during October will focus on building a window installation of a community shrine of passed loved ones. 

Attend our free workshops and information sessions in October to learn more!


Saturday October 18th 

Artists Yard Sale & Swap! 


Gently used art supplies, tools, paints, brushes, canvases, papers, frames, stretchers, fabric, wool, woods, wax, crock pots, electric griddles, broken glass or pottery, magazines, findings, metals, wire, books, vintage parts, photos, songbooks, old newspapers, cards, and anything an artist or crafter may need.

This is not an art sale for anything made, but it’s a chance to clear out supplies and materials that you no longer use in your practice or hobby, and others to make use of them in a fresh way!

A great way meet and chat with your neighbourhood artists and be an environmentally savvy artist!


Table price: $20 email: 




Art Exhibition Theme:


Art Exhibition Theme:


Christmas Craft Shows, Guest vendors. Sat & Sun each weekend in December








artisans at work

aaw gallery


A Sampling Of Some of the Fantastic  that was Auctioned on Sunday Nov 1st 2015:

Special Events