Bee Necklace
This lovely totem for your neck is 18K & Sterling Silver. $325 It is also available in a ring.
Seahorse Pendant
This sterling silver pendant is an international favourite! $175
Sea Turtle & Owl Moth Chrysalis
Sterling Silver Turtle: $185 Chrysalis: $145
Inspired by Roman art, this raven is strong yet elegant. Sterling Silver $175-225
Sterling Silver $175 Comes on a stand, or as a pendant. Can hang horizontally or vertically
Custom Made Jewellery
Have whatever you like, in any metal, and stone. Gemstones, custom carving, Restyilng of your own outdated jewellery...
Yes, I am a Sloth!
This collection of creatures was inspired and commission by Swiss eco centre, Papiliorama ( The sloth was such a real joy to make. When I wasn't frowning with concentration over the details, I was laughing outwardly at the fun I was having carving a sloth.
Dragonfly, Version one
Many unique versions, each one different. Some have gemstones, some have patina that give them a sheen. Some are more 3D rather than flat. Come in and take a look!
Beach Glass custom Ring. Bring your own Beach glass in for your Unique piece!
Fairy Wing Pendants by Tara Shelton
Sterling Silver $75-95

Tara Shelton

Goldsmith, Sculptor, Gemmologist.


Tara creates miniature sculpture and turns them into wearable totems and each one has a personality.

Tara also makes unique and stylish jewellery featuring gemstones and her own flair.

Recycle your unused jewellery with Tara.

Have a custom made piece for yourself, as a new family heirloom.

Anything is possible!

More of Tara'spieces can be seen at her etsy page:

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We have over 120 artists here! Glass, ceramic art, pottery, jewellery of all prices and styles, resin photo art, encaustic art, fine art, wood, fine art, driftwood jewellery boxes, art cards, gorgeous crocheted hats, leather bags & wallets, stained glass trinkets & suncatchers, textile art & purses, soaps, pop-up cards, bath bombs, locally written books & cds by local much variety!

We strive to be our tenants bricks & mortar space, so they can brand their craft & business in the most professional way, yet in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to guests.

Our location, classes & events offer superior ways to increase your local art's visibility!


Artists and Makers are invited to sell their work here!

Rent space: $150/month for tower of shelves or $350 for a whole private studio, no comissions. 
or Consign: at 50% commission, with no financial risk

~ either way, brand your craft with AAW Gallery!

We also maintain a jeweller & gemmologist on the premises for all jewellery repairs and bespoke designing- from costume to custom!

Our small, private studios for artists needing a space to create outside the home, who prefer to enjoy a more social and interactive atmosphere, gaining access to the visiting public.


At present, we have an encaustic & oil painter (Tara Shelton), a lawyer (Phil Pothen) who specialises in environmental and zoning law.


We have a large art gallery that exhibits a monthly show that all artists may submit their work to. A fun opening night with live music by The Sidewalkers, licensed bar and treats is held every First Friday of the month.


 In the same room, classes of many sorts are held, for example: oil painting, life drawing with models, acrylic painting, encaustic (painting, mixed media in hot beeswax onto wood), resin over photo art, sketching, wood burned art and more. Also some interesting occasional workshops and other possible uses include astrological events, (including children’s' astrological charts) tarot reading, lectures, soap making, book reading & signing, rehearsal space, counselling uses, club nights (knitting, book, games and more). Use this large, open concept space as a POP-UP retail space.


Our fantastic sales staff & instructors are here for you, whether an artist, an art lover, or someone who likes giving unique, affordable gifts by local artists...maybe by your own neighbour! Our artists are happy to custom make pieces for you, so don't be afraid to ask how something can be tweaked just for you.




Theresa Morin Pottery!
Theresa has a large collection of gorgeous trinket bowls, mugs and plates, printed with florals, bikes and other designs with lovely glazes. Made with love!
Maggie Groves Stained Glass Lovlies
Great prices, store favourite!

This is just a tiny sampling of what we have on offer!

 We have over 120 artists and artisans making fine art, prints, cards, crafted gifts and teaching the arts. 

Visit our resident artists and entrepreneurs in their studios here!



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